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1950 - Nablus in the 1950s
The city of Nablus in the 1950s

Those were the years when Bilad Ash-Sham, i.e. Greater Syria4, also known as the Levant, were struggling to gain their independence from the Ottoman Empire, which was itself in the midst of an overall internal change following the decline of its importance on the world scene after 600 years as a major imperial power.

1912 - Portrait of the young Eltaher - Cairo, May 5, 1912

Eltaher in his youth
Cairo - May 5, 1912

It was during these tumultuous times that Mohamed Ali Eltaher began his intellectual contribution to the issues of the day, relying on his pen as a means to conduct his struggle. Despite his relative young age, he was nonetheless far-sighted enough to realize that his writings would not reach the Arab masses and their leaders unless they originated from a major Arab capital. This impelled him to travel to Egypt, which by then was semi-independent and practically not under Ottoman rule. Cairo, a shining city, played an important role on the world scene both within the Arab5 and Islamic6context, and even in the European context.

1965 - Jaffa Panorama edited

In the foreground the Palestinian city of Jaffa
where Eltaher grew up


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