Mohamed Ali Eltaher


The first articles written by Eltaher were published in newspapers sold in Jaffa, Haifa and Beirut, and eventually in Cairo; that is, until he published his own newspaper, “Ashoura”, and subsequently its sister publications “Al-Shabab” and “Al-Alam Al-Masri”.

Eltaher also published eight books and many articles and interviews appearing in several newspapers and periodicals in the Arab world, in various countries of Arab immigration, and elsewhere in the world. The books are all out of print, save for one or two copies of each. However, a large selection from each book may also be accessed through Google Books. A selection of his articles will be added to the Web site as it progresses.

Should the readers wish to quote from Eltaher’s newspapers, books or articles, they are kindly encouraged to mention the source for the benefit of all readers.

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All the newspapers, books and articles written and published by Eltaher were in Arabic. Authors, writers and academics not familiar with the Arabic language, but who quoted previously from his publications, probably used translators or research assistants familiar with Arabic to help them translate the texts into another language. Unfortunately this complicating factor will continue to be the case, at least until further notice.
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