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1921 - First Palestinian Delegation to London The first Palestinian delegation to London in 1921 to defend the integrity of their country against the Balfour Declaration, which would result in their country being taken over by foreign european immigrants exclusively of the Jewish faith. Facilitating immigration of European Jews, especially Eastern European Jews, constituted the essential purpose of British military occupation of Palestine after World War I. Neither the indigenous Palestinian population, including the Arab Palestinian Jews, were not consulted, nor their formal concurrence sought by the British Government of Palestine. Of course Muslims and Christians were not granted the same immigration rights as the European Jews, and were actually prohibited from settling in Palestine.

Seated from right to left: Ibrahim Shammas – Moussa Kazem Pasha Al-Husseini – Toufic Hammad.

Standing from right to left: Amin Al-Tamimi – Shebli Al-Jamal – Mouin El-Madi

Eltaher glued a picture of Amin Al-Tamimi’ wearing European clothes next to his portrait on the photograph!

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