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1925 - Founding of Al Rabeta Al Sharqeyya in Cairo © Copyright “Al-Bayan” website – Dubai, United Arab Emirates and by permission

Al Rabeta Al Sharqeyya (The Eastern League) inaugurated its new headquarters in Cairo on January 6, 1925. The ceremony was attended by some two hundred religious authorities and hommes de lettres among Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, North Africans and others.

The group portrait includes the founders of the League and some of the attendees.

First row from right to left: Second person Senior Al-Azhar religious authority Sheikh Ali Sourour Al-Zankalouni - Fifth person Ahmad Zaki Pasha, followed by Sheikh Abdel-Hamid Al-Bakri, Senior leader of the Sufi Orders and President of Al-Rabeta - Dr. Fares Nimr Pasha, Lebanese journalist living in Egypt – Founder of the Al-Manar journal, savant from Lebanon livng in Egypt Imam Mohamed Rashid Reda – Eleventh person Sheikh Aboul-Wafa Al-Taftazani, professor at Al-Azhar in Cairo.

Second row from right to left: Fourth person Noureddine Bey Mostafa (?) - Seventh, Mirza Mahdi Rafie Meshki Bey, Dean of the Iranian community in Egypt - Tenth, Nassim Sebaa, Lebanese writer living in Egypt - Twelfth, Sheikh Ibrahim Tfayyesh, Algerian scholar residing in Egypt.

Third row from right to left: Fifth Mohamed Ali Eltaher (Aboul-Hassan) publisher and Editor of Ashoura newspaper in Cairo.

The League was founded in 1922 during the reign of King Fouad 1st of Egypt. Its purpose and work program aimed at disseminating information about the arts and literature of the Levant countries and strengthen ties verbally and in print among the various nations in the region. This would follow scientific and economic means, as well as through sending missions to various Levant countries to encourage mutual awareness among them. The League also proposed founding branches in these countries and holding local periodic conferences for the purpose of exchanging ideas.

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