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1928 - Riad El-Solh in Cairo Reception held by Eltaher at the National Hotel in Cairo on April 2nd, 1928 in honour of Riad El-Solh, member of the Syrian delegation to Europe and future Prime Minister of Lebanon, while on a visit to Egypt.

Right row of tables, first table counter-clockwise: Saleh Al-Behnesaoui (with cigarette in left hand) – Egypto-Lebanese media publisher and writer Dr. Fares Nimr Pasha – Noureddine Mostafa – Sheikh Aboul-Wafa Al-Taftazani – Gamil El-Rafei.

Second table right to left: Mokhtar El-Solh – Lebanese Druze notable Salim Abou-Ezzeddine.

Third table right to left: Najib Zalzal – Jordanian notable Sheikh Abdallah El-Qalqili – Dr. Najib Kahil – Mahmoud Ramzi Nazim.

Fourth table: Dr. Mahjoub Thabet (Sitting at the table by himself).

Centre row of tables, first table in the foreground from right to left: Syrian nationalist Ehsan Al-Jabri – Mohamed Sadeq Bey Kholousi, Governor of the Governorate of Giza – “Sheikh El Orouba” Ahmad Zaki Pasha – The guest of honour Riad Bey El-Solh – Future Prime Minister of Egypt Mahmoud Fahmi El-Noqrashi Bey.

Second table right to left: Egyptian writer Ahmad Hafez Awad – Unidentified Lieutenant Colonel - Ibrahim Galal – Unidentified.

Third table right to left: Ismail El-Mufti – Mahmoud Salem El-Arafati – Unidentified – Lebanese Islamic scholar Imam Mohamed Rashid Reda – Sheikh Ibrahim Tfayyesh.

Left row of tables, first table from right to left: Eltaher – Unidentified – Syrian nationalist Nassib Shehab – Syrian politician Nabih El-Azmeh – Syrian writer Nasim Bey Sebaa.

Second table from left to right: Karim Thabet, future Press Counsellor to King Farouk – Kastaqi Bey El-Homsi – Sami El-Sarraj.

Third table from right to left: Sabri Al-Assali, future Syrian Prime Minister – Shuckri Al-Quwwatli, future President of Syria – Journalist Asaad Dagher.

Fourth table from right to left: Unidentified – Dr. Hosni Eltaher, Eltaher’s cousin – Unidentified.

© Photograph taken by Hanselman, Photographer to His Majesty the King of Egypt - Cairo
Image 10 / 163
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