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1944 - Prime Minister Mohammed Mahmoud Pasha and Prince Faysal Bin Abdelaziz Officials attending the preparatory meeting to draft the Alexandria Protocol, which led to the creation of the Arab League in 1945 – Photograph taken in Alexandria in September 1944

Front row right to left: Sheikh Fozan Al-Sabeq, Saudi ambassador to Egypt – Unidentified – Hussein Sirri Pasha, several times Prime Minister of Egypt – Possibly Prince Saud or Prince Khalid Bin Abdelaziz – Mohamed Mahmoud Pasha, Prime Minister of Egypt – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia and future King Faysal Bin Abdelaziz – Seif Ul Islam Al-Hussein, son of Imam Yahya of Yemen – Prince Mohamed Abdel-Monem, future member of the Regency Council in Egypt following the 1952 coup-d’état – Sir Miles Lampson (Lord Killearn), British Ambassador to Egypt. (Why would a British ambassador attend a supposedly Arab meeting? Go figure!).

2nd row right to left: Sheikh Fawzi El-Bakri? – Fouad Hamza, Lebanese Druze personality and Advisor to King Abdelaziz Bin Saud – Egyptian writer and first President of the University of Cairo, Lotfy Essayed Pasha standing between Prince Mohamed Abdel-Monem and Sir Miles Lampson..

3rd row right to left: Unidentified – Mohamed Ali Eltaher – Marshal Omar Fathi Pasha, Senior Aide-de-Camp to King Farouq – Unidentified – Unidentified – Palestinian nationalist and future Jordanian Minister Plenipotentiary in Egypt Awni Abdelhadi – Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri Pasha El-Said.

Other individuals appear in this extraordinary photograph, but they are not identified: Egyptian writer Dr. Mansour Fahmy Pasha – Refaat Saba Pasha – Egyptian academic Dr. Fouad Abaza – Egyptian Minister of Education Hilmi Issa Pasha.
Image 22 / 86
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