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1949 - Sultan of Lahj in Cairo 02 Picture taken before Sultan Fadl Abdel-Karim, Sultan of Lahj left the office of "Dar Ashoura" in Cairo in 1949.

First row from right to left: An unidentified Sheikh - Eltaher - Sultan Fadl Abdel-Karim - Sheikh Sabri Abdine from Hebron, Palestine - Allal Fassi, Leader of the Moroccan Istiklal Party - Abdallah Al-Alawi Al-Jeffry, Advisor to the Sultans of Lahj.

Second row from right to left: The Egyptian writer Kamel Kilani - Moroccan nationalist, then his country's ambassador Mohamed Larabi Alami - Dr. Mohamed Salah-Eddine Pasha, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs - The Tunisian nationalist and future President of his country Habib Bourguiba - Unidentified indidvidual.

Third row from right to left: Mohamed Rashidi, Minister Plenipotentiary of Indonesia in Egypt - Moroccan nationalist from Tetouan Abdel-Khaleq Al-Torres - Ali Al-Moayyad, Minister Plenipotentiary of Yemen in Egypt - Moroccan nationalist Mohamed Ben Abboud, who died later in an aircraft accident in Pakistan.

Fourth row from right to left: The Egyptian writer and jouranlist Habib Jamati - The names of the others are unknown.
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