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Mohamed Ali Eltaher maintained a very rich correspondence with officials, family and friends alike. This section lists the correspondence files available, keeping in mind that several were either lost during the 1975 civil war in Lebanon, or believed to have been stolen during his last days before he passed away.

The correspondence would take a very long time to digitize. At the present time we are only listing the names of those individuals for whom letters were found. In a few cases Eltaher kept copies of the letters he sent to some individuals. The list also includes subject matter archival files Eltaher had compiled and maintained about specific individuals and issues of historic relevance. Some correspondence appears under the “Other Countries” section when its subject matter is related solely or additionally to countries other than those identified by their national flag. These countries are: Afghanistan - Bahrain – India – Iran – Kuwait – Qatar – Pakistan – Rwanda – Singapore – Sudan and Turkey.

Correspondence Written By
Ahmad TouqanMinister of Education then Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bahjat El-TalhouniPrime Minister
Colonel Abdallah Al-TalGovernor of Jerusalem in 1948
Dayfallah Al-Homoud
Dr. Sobhi Abou-GhanimaAmbassador of Jordan to Syria
General Mohamed Ali Al-Ajlouni
Ghaleb Suleiman Touqan
Jamil BarakatBusinessman and writer
Kadri TouqanMinister of Foreign Affairs
King Hussein Bin Talal
Mahmoud Nadim Al-AfghaniBusinessman
Melhem Sobhi Al-Tal
Mohamed Ezzeddine Al-Halabi Pasha
Mohamed Rafiq Al-HusseiniMinister of Foreign Affairs
Sheikh Abdallah Al-QalqiliMufti of Jordan
Wasfi Al-TalPrime Minister
Yacoub Al-OdatWriter
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