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Mohamed Ali Eltaher maintained a very rich correspondence with officials, family and friends alike. This section lists the correspondence files available, keeping in mind that several were either lost during the 1975 civil war in Lebanon, or believed to have been stolen during his last days before he passed away.

The correspondence would take a very long time to digitize. At the present time we are only listing the names of those individuals for whom letters were found. In a few cases Eltaher kept copies of the letters he sent to some individuals. The list also includes subject matter archival files Eltaher had compiled and maintained about specific individuals and issues of historic relevance. Some correspondence appears under the “Other Countries” section when its subject matter is related solely or additionally to countries other than those identified by their national flag. These countries are: Afghanistan - Bahrain – India – Iran – Kuwait – Qatar – Pakistan – Rwanda – Singapore – Sudan and Turkey.

Correspondence Written By
Abdel-Mottaleb Fadda
Abdul Latif El Jeshin / Abdul-Latif El KheshenLebanese resident in Argentina
Adib MrouehPublisher of "As-Syaha" magazine
Afif Abdel-SamadLebanese government official
Afif TibiPresident of the Press Association
Ajaj El-MohtarWriter and businessman
Ajaj NouwayhedWriter
Albert AdibPublisher of "Al-Adib" magazine
Albert AmmounFormer journalist with the daily "Al-Ahram" in Cairo
Albert RihaniPublisher and brother of writer Amin Rihani
Ali Bulhosen / Ali Aboul-HusunLebanese resident in Bolivia
Amin GorayebPublisher of "Al-Haress" magazine
Aref El-NakadiDruze philanthropist and President of the "Beit Al-Yatim" Orphanage
David El-Daher
Dr. Amin El-HafezGovernor, minister and parliamentarian
Dr. Fouad SarroufProfessor at the American University of Beirut
Dr. Oussama AnoutiProfessor at the Lebanese University
Dr. Youssef IbishProfessor at the American University of Beirut
Elias FarhatPoet
Émile BoustaniBusinessman
Émile KhouriDiplomat
Émir Adel ArslanDruze Prince and former Ottoman officer
Émir Shakib ArslanDruze Prince and Pan Islamic leader
Ezzeddine BleiqPublisher
Farid Abou-Shahlah
Fouad Salim
Fouad Shaker
Georges RajjiJournalist
Georges SaidahLebanese poet and resident of Venezuela, then France
Jawad BoulosWriter and historian
Jorge Kehdy / George KaadiLebanese resident in Bolivia
Kamel MrouehPublisher of Beirut's "Al-Hayat" daily
Kazem El-SolhMinister
Khalil El-KhouriJudge in Lebanon and Sudan, and brother of Syrian Prime Minister Fares Bey El-Khouri
Khalil MoutranPoet
Malek El-Amin
Marouf SaadMember of parliament for Saida
Medhat FatfatAmbassador
Mohamed Ali El-HoumaniPoet
Mohamed Jalal AofPublisher of "Al-Mouayad" newspaper
Mohamed Jamil BeyhumLebanese notable
Mohamed Kamel Shuaib El-Amli
Mohamed Said MassoudLebanese resident in Canada
Mohsen SlimLawyer and Member of Parliament
Nadim Abou-Taha
Nadim DemashquiehDiplomat
Najib HankashBusinessman and Comedian
Nasib Shehab
Philippe TaqlaMinister of Foreign Affairs
Rashad DarghouthPresidential advisor
Rashid Salim Curi / Rashid Salim Al-KhouriLebanese poet resident in Brazil
Rashid Talie
Riad El-SolhNationalist leader and first Prime Minister of independent Lebanon
Saeb SalamPrime Minister
Said BarbirBusinessman
Sheikh Shafiq Yamout
Sheikh Taha El-WaliWriter and former cleric
Sobhi Said
Taysir BarakatEltaher's landlord in Beirut
Youssef Al-Sabbagh
Youssef Ibrahim YazbekWriter
Youssef MrouehJournalist
Youssef SalemMinister of Foreign Affairs
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