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Mohamed Ali Eltaher maintained a very rich correspondence with officials, family and friends alike. This section lists the correspondence files available, keeping in mind that several were either lost during the 1975 civil war in Lebanon, or believed to have been stolen during his last days before he passed away.

The correspondence would take a very long time to digitize. At the present time we are only listing the names of those individuals for whom letters were found. In a few cases Eltaher kept copies of the letters he sent to some individuals. The list also includes subject matter archival files Eltaher had compiled and maintained about specific individuals and issues of historic relevance. Some correspondence appears under the “Other Countries” section when its subject matter is related solely or additionally to countries other than those identified by their national flag. These countries are: Afghanistan - Bahrain – India – Iran – Kuwait – Qatar – Pakistan – Rwanda – Singapore – Sudan and Turkey.

Correspondence Written By
Abdel-Aziz Ben AbdallahEditor-in-Chief of the monthly "Allisan Al-Arabi"
Abdelhadi BoutalebMinister of Foreign Affairs
Abdel-Kabir Al-Fehri Al-FassiMoroccan ambassador to Jordan
Abdel-Karim GhallabEditor in Chief of the daily "Al-Alam"
Abdel-Khaleq Al-TorresIstiqlal Party official
Abdel-Latif Sobeihi
Abdel-Majid Benjalloun
Abdel-Nabi Abdel-RahmanMoroccan ambassador to Lebanon
Abdel-Qader SahraouiMoroccan ambassador to Lebanon
Abdel-Rahman Al-FassiMoroccan ambassador to Jordan
Abdel-Rahman BadouMoroccan ambassador to Lebanon
Abdel-Salam BennaniFirst Judge of the Court of Appeals
Ahmed BennaniChief of Royal Protocol then Moroccan ambassador to Syria
Ahmed BensoudaDirector of the Royal Cabinet and former Moroccan ambassador to Lebanon
Ahmed LaraqiMinister of Foreign Affairs
Allal Al-FassiLeader of the Istiqlal Party
Dr. Ahmed Ben AbboudMoroccan ambassador to Lebanon
Dr. Omar BoucettaMoroccan ambassador to Lebanon
Dr. Taqieddine Alhilaly
Driss BennounaMoroccan ambassador to Syria
Driss MohamediChief of the Royal Cabinet
Emir Moulay Mohamed Saadeddin Al-JibawiDescendent of the Saadien dynasty in Morocco. Filed by Eltaher under a not too flattering label.
Fatmi Ben-SlimaneMoroccan ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Hassan Moqdadi
Mehdi Sqalli HusseiniDirector at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mohamed Ben AbdallahEditor-in-Chief of the monthly magazine "Dawat Al-Haq"
Mohamed Ben ShaqrounIstiqlal Party official
Mohamed Larabi AlamiAmbassador of Morocco in Cairo
Mohamed MesfiouiCounsellor at the Moroccan Embassy in Tunis
Mohamed SharqaouiMinister of Foreign Affairs
Mohamed TaziMoroccan ambassador to Jordan
Tayyeb Bennouna
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