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Mohamed Ali Eltaher maintained a very rich correspondence with officials, family and friends alike. This section lists the correspondence files available, keeping in mind that several were either lost during the 1975 civil war in Lebanon, or believed to have been stolen during his last days before he passed away.

The correspondence would take a very long time to digitize. At the present time we are only listing the names of those individuals for whom letters were found. In a few cases Eltaher kept copies of the letters he sent to some individuals. The list also includes subject matter archival files Eltaher had compiled and maintained about specific individuals and issues of historic relevance. Some correspondence appears under the “Other Countries” section when its subject matter is related solely or additionally to countries other than those identified by their national flag. These countries are: Afghanistan - Bahrain – India – Iran – Kuwait – Qatar – Pakistan – Rwanda – Singapore – Sudan and Turkey.

Correspondence Written By
Abdallah Abou-Setta
Abdallah SamaraPalestinian nationalist from Tulkarem
Abdel-Karim Al-Karmi Poet known under the pen name Abou Salma
Abdel-Latif Al-Ansari
Abdel-Qader Al-HusseiniPalestinian military leader of the Holy Jihad Forces
Abdel-Rahim Mahmoud
Abdel-Rahman Al-Taji
Ahmad Al-EmamNationalist from Haifa
Ahmad Al-Sabea
Ahmad Hassan ShakaaOwner of a soap factory in Nablus
Ahmad Hilmi Pasha and the All Palestine Government Prime Minister of the All-Palestine Government
Ahmad Shukri Al-Taji Al-Farouqi
Ahmad Snoubar
Ali Al-OuriOriginally from Palestine and résident in London. Publisher of the monthly magazine "Al-Mughtareb"
Aref Abdel-RazeqOne of the commanders fof the Great Arab Revolt in Palestine
Awni Abdel-HadiPalestinian nationalist then Minister Plenipotentiary of Jordan to Egypt
Boulos Shehadeh
Dr. Fouad D. Déjan (Dajani)
Dr. Moustafa Boushnaq (Abou Tareq)
Dr. Najeh Kanaan
Emile Andoni Al-Ghouri
Ezzeddine Al-Shawwa
Fakhri Nashashibi
Fares Al-Alami
Father Issa BandakArtas Monastery near Bethlehem
Fathi Al-BalaawiFATEH Official
Fayez Kanafani
Faysal Al-Khadra
Faysal Al-Nabelsi
George Saleh Al-KhouriUnited Nations official in New York
H.Q. Al-FaourFiled by Eltaher under a not too flattering label.
Haj Amin Al-HusseiniMufti of Palestine and President of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine
Hani Al-Hindi
Hani Kaddoumi
Hanna KhamisehBusinessman
Husni Kanaan
Hussein Omar Al-DajaniFiled by Eltaher under a not too flattering label.
Ibrahim AbazaLondon resident, originally from Palestine
Ihsan Al-Nimr
Issa Al-Issa & Daoud Al-Issa"Palestine" Newspaper Publishers
Jamal Al-HusseiniHead of the Palestinian delegation in London in 1939
Khalid Al-FarkhArab Higher Committee for Palestine Official
Khalil Aboulafia
Khalil Ghandour
Khalil Sakakini
Khayreyya QasmeyyaWriter and author. She also wrote and published articles about Eltaher
Mahmoud Abou-Rayya
Mesbah Al-Aboudi
Metropolite Gregorius HajjarCatholic Diocese of Acres, Haifa and Nazareth
Mohamed Abou-Ali
Mohamed Baradei Al-AbbasiJudge magistrate for Jenin
Mohamed Daoud Al-Barazi
Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Sharif
Mohieddine Abdel-Shafi
Moussa Al-AlamiBusinessman
Moussa Kazem Pasha Al-HusseiniMayor of Jerusalem and famous Palestinian Political Leader during the 1920s and 1930s
Murad Al-AsfahaniAlso known as Ali Roushdi and Ali Hussein Annan. Described by Eltaher as "Swindler"
Nadim Abou-Taha
Nassouh Nabilsi (Nabelsi)Filed by Eltaher under a not too flattering label.
Nayef Al-Nimr
Nazmi Al-Anabtawi
Omar Adel Zouaiter
Qadri Touqan
Ramadan Al-Alami
Rassem Al-Khalidi
Rawdah National School - Jerusalem
Rifaat Sedqi Al-NimrFiled by Eltaher under a not too flattering label.
Rushdi Al-Shawwa
Said Alaeddin
Saleh Al-Barghouti
Salim Abdel-RahmanPalestinian nationalist from Tulkarem
Salim Al-Husseini
Salim Moussa Al-Ashi (Dr. Dahesh)Magician
Sheikh Abdel-Qader Al-Muzaffar
Sheikh Asaad QaddouraMufti of Safed
Sheikh Fahmi HashemFormer Jordanian Minister Plenipotentiary in Saudi Arabia
Sheikh Mohamed Ali Zobian
Sheikh Mohamed Nimr Al-Khatib
Sheikh Suleiman Al-Taji Al-FarouqiPublisher of the "Al-Jamea Al-Islameyya" newspaper
Sobhi Al-KhadraPalestinian nationalist
Wadih Al-Issa
Yaaqoub Al-Ghossain
Zobian El-Keilani
Zuhdi JarallahTranslator
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