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Mohamed Ali Eltaher maintained a very rich correspondence with officials, family and friends alike. This section lists the correspondence files available, keeping in mind that several were either lost during the 1975 civil war in Lebanon, or believed to have been stolen during his last days before he passed away.

The correspondence would take a very long time to digitize. At the present time we are only listing the names of those individuals for whom letters were found. In a few cases Eltaher kept copies of the letters he sent to some individuals. The list also includes subject matter archival files Eltaher had compiled and maintained about specific individuals and issues of historic relevance. Some correspondence appears under the “Other Countries” section when its subject matter is related solely or additionally to countries other than those identified by their national flag. These countries are: Afghanistan - Bahrain – India – Iran – Kuwait – Qatar – Pakistan – Rwanda – Singapore – Sudan and Turkey.

Correspondence Written By
Abdallah Yorkey HallaqWriter
Abdel-Qader Al-Asouad
Abdel-Wahab Fattal
Adib Kheir
Adnan Mardam-Bek
Afif Krayem
Ahmad Al-Qasemi
Ahmad Fouad Al-Qadamani
Dr. Abdel-Majid Al-Hindawi
Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Shahbandar
Dr. Abdel-Salam Al-OjayliPhysician and novelist
Dr. Adnan Al-Khatib
Dr. Farid Zein-Eldin
Dr. Mamdouh HaqqiWriter and author
Dr. Mustafa Al-Baroudi
Dr. Nazem Al-QudsiPresident of the Republic of Syria
Dr. Rushdi Al-Jabi
Dr. Sami Al-Dahan
Dr. Yehya Al-Shammaa
Ehsan Al-JabriSyrian nationalist
Ezzat Al-Attar
Fakhri Sheikh-El-Ard
Fares Bey Al-KhuriPrime Minister of Syria
General Maxime WeygandFrench High Commissioner in the Levant
Habib KahalehPublisher of the magazine "Al-Mod'hek Al-Moubki"
Hamdi AlkhayatSyrian publisher in Köln, Germany
Hamdi Babil
Jamal Al-FarraSyrian Minister
Khalil Mardam-Bek
Kheireddin Al-ZerekliWriter
Loutfi El-HaffarSyrian politician
Majed Sheikh-El-Ard
Mamoun Al-KouzbariPresident of the Republic of Syria
Medhat Sheikh-El-Ard
Mohamed Al-FarhaniWriter
Mohamed Ali Hmadeh
Mohamed Ali ZabianWriter
Mohamed Al-Mubarak
Mohamed Shawqi Al-Khatib
Mussa Kuraiem (Moussa Krayem)Writer and publisher
Mustafa Al-Husseini (Abou Alaa)Businessman
Nabih Al-AzmehMinister of Defence
Nadim Zabian
Najdat Al-Shawwaf
Najib HarbPublisher of the "Al-Jabal" newspaper
Naseem Sebaa
Nasouh BabilPublisher of "Al-Ayam" daily
Nazir Zaytoun
Omar Baha' Al-Amiri
Riad Al-AbedLawyer
Sabri Al-Assali (Abou Shougaa)Prime Minister of Syria, then Vice President of the United Arab Republic
Salaheddin Al-BitarPrime Minister of Syria
Sami Al-Kayyali
Sami Al-KhuriSyrian Chargé d'Affaires in Cairo
Shafiq Jabri
Sheikh Ahmad KaftaroMufti of Syria
Sheikh Bahjat Al-Bitar
Sheikh Tajeddine Al-HasaniPresident of Syria
Shukri Al-QuwatliPresident of Syria
Souheil Fares Al-KhuriMember of Parliament and son of the famous Syrian Prime Minister Fares Al-Khouri
Wadad SakakiniWriter and author
Walid Qonbaz
Youssef Al-Eid
Zayd Al-AtrashSyrian revolutionary against French occupation
Zouhair Al-Ajlani
Zouhair MardiniJournalist
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