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Red Book on Palestine

Awraq Majmouaa: Kitabon Ahmar Aan Fazae’a Al Ingeliz Fi Falastin, wa Ghadr Al-Yahoud, wa Sabr Al-Arab” (Collected Papers: A Red Book about British Cruelties in Palestine, Jewish Deceit and Arab Patience).
Arab Palestinian Information Office - Cairo, April 1948 – ISBN 978-0-9784447-2-3

This illustrated book describes the situation in Palestine in 1948 on the eve of its fall into the hands of the European Jewish settlers, and the courage of its people in defence of their homeland. It also gives an overall picture of British cruelty and settlers’ deeds. The book was distributed free of charge.
Awraq Majmouaa - Front Cover
Front Cover
Awraq Majmouaa - Printing Date
Printing Date
Awraq Majmouaa - Introduction
Awraq Majmouaa - Closing Page
Closing Page
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