Mohamed Ali Eltaher





Fifty Years in Arab Politics

Khamsouna Aaman fil Qadaya Al-Aarabeyya” (Fifty Years in Arab Politics) Mo'assassat Dar Al-Rihani - Beirut, 1978 – ISBN 978-0-9784447-6-1

Before he passed away, Eltaher started collecting a selection of his own writings, whether published or not, in order to consolidate them in one book. He had mentioned once that he planned to name the book “Khamsouna Aaman fil Qadaya Al-Aarabeyya” (i.e. Fifty Years in Arab Politics). However, he died before printing the book and before deciding on the final title. His widow took on the task of completing it after his death and had it printed in its present form. It must be pointed out though that the suicidal civil war that overwhelmed Lebanon from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties had its effect on the quality of the final product, as several errors were made in the order of binding the various chapters from one copy of the book to another!
Khamsouna Aaman - Front Cover
Front Cover
Khamsouna Aaman - Introduction
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