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Huckstep Internment Camp

Moataqal Huckstep” (Huckstep Internment Camp)
Addar Al-Alameyya Bimasr - Cairo, 1950 – ISBN 978-0-9784447-3-0

This book provides a description of Eltaher’s third imprisonment in 1949 during the “rule of terror”, i.e. under the government of the Saadi Party in Egypt, and includes news, analysis and behind-the-scenes details regarding the situation in the Arab World and the Palestinian “Nakba” (i.e. catastrophe) and its reasons. The book also offers an illustrated account of the daily life of political detainees, many of whom were members of the Muslim Brothers and Jews who were put in protective detention during the Palestine war. In this book, Eltaher also provides observations related to the state of the Arab League since its creation and details the reasons behind his imprisonment until he was released.
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