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Ashoura’s Perspectives

Nazarat Ashoura” (Ashoura’s Perspectives)
Ashoura Press - Cairo, June 1932 – ISBN 978-0-9784447-0-9

The book contains articles, observations and insights about the situation in the Islamic world, and the evolving situation in Palestine. The book also contains Eltaher’s story about his frustrations with the British authorities governing Palestine regarding his Palestinian citizenship issue, and his observations and thoughts regarding the General Islamic Conference held in Jerusalem in 1931. In his book “Moataqal Huckstep”, which was published subsequently, Eltaher observed that, “…after twenty years of its publication, I cannot but disavow myself from “Nazarat Ashoura” despite the fact that it is already out of print. If asked why do I say that? My response would be that when I wrote that book I was such a simple kid, as I looked at some swindlers around me then and thought they were pure angels, as I have described them in my book. But these individuals eventually turned into jackals!”
Nadharat Ash-shoura Front Cover
Front Cover
Nadharat Ash-shoura Dedication
Nadharat Ash-shoura Introduction
Nadharat Ash-shoura Prologue By Emir Shakib Arslan
Nadharat Ash-Shoura Table of Contents 1
Table of Contents 1
Nadharat Ash-Shoura Table of Contents 2
Table of Contents 2
Nadharat Ash-Shoura Table of Contents 3
Table of Contents 3
Nadharat Ash-Shoura Table of Contents 4
Table of Contents 4
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Back Cover
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