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The first articles written by Eltaher were published in newspapers printed in Jaffa, Haifa and Beirut, and eventually in Cairo; that is, until he published his own newspaper, “Ashoura”, and subsequently its sister publications “Al-Shabab” and “Al-Alam Al-Masri”. The three newspapers are accessible through this website.

Eltaher also published eight books and many articles and interviews appearing in several newspapers and periodicals in the Arab world, in various countries of Arab immigration, and elsewhere in the world. The books are all out of print, save for one or two copies of each. However, selections from each book may also be accessed through Google Books.

Should the readers wish to download pictures or quote from the contents of the website, or Eltaher’s newspapers, books or articles, they are kindly encouraged to mention the source, i.e., for the benefit of all current and future readers.


1 – ASHOURA - ISBN 978-0-9784447-8-5

Published from October 1924 to August 1931, when Egyptian authorities acting on behalf of the British colonial administration cancelled its license, the “Ashoura” newspaper, which means “consultation” in Arabic, became the flagship of Eltaher’s national and intellectual activism, whence his office came to be called “Dar Ashoura”, or Ashoura House.

2 – AL-SHABAB - ISBN 978-0-9784447-9-2

The “Ashoura” newspaper license was suspended by the Government of Egypt from August 1931 until January 1937. That same year Dr. Mahmoud Azmi, offered his newspaper, “Al-Shabab”, i.e. Youth, to Eltaher free of charge “... so that he could resume publishing his nationalist views”. Eltaher published “Al-Shabab” from February 1937 until April 1939 when its license was again suspended by Egyptian authorities acting on behalf of the British colonial administration.

3 – AL-ALAM AL-MASRI - ISBN 978-0-9784760-0-7

After “Al-Shabab” was suspended, the Egyptian journalist Abdelqader El-Toumi offered his newspaper, “Al-Alam Al-Masri”, i.e. The Egyptian Flag, to Eltaher free of charge so that he could resume publishing his nationalist views.

Al-Alam Al-Masri” was published from April 1939 until August 1939, when Eltaher stopped publishing it on the eve of World War II and the imposition of emergency measures in Egypt.

In 1953 the Government of Egypt under General Mohamed Naguib reinstated the publication license of “Ashoura”, but the Ministry of the Interior, which was under Colonel Gamal Abdel-Nasser, who was also Deputy Prime Minister, still prohibited Eltaher from publishing it. He never published any newspaper after that.

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