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The loss of Palestine, known as “Al-Nakba” (The Catastrophe), left Mohamed Ali Eltaher with a very bitter taste and immense sadness for the rest of his life. That is not surprising when a human being, or even an animal or a plant, loses their habitat, environment or heritage. This is even more painful when it comes as a result of depressing factors such as negligence, carelessness, coercion, treason and injustice, all the more so after he had dedicated his life to warn of this result. When Palestine disappeared for all intents and purposes in 1948 with the creation of the State of Israel, followed by the annexation of the West Bank by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the appointment of an Egyptian military governor to rule over the Gaza Strip, nothing was left of his homeland.

Within a few weeks Palestine ceased to exist, and the Palestinians became a nation of refugees which continues to be psychologically scarred and effectively living as an outcast until now. Eltaher saw the people of Palestine turn despite of them from a peaceful nation harming no one into a violent fighting people as a result of Israel’s de-humanizing oppression, indifference by some of the Palestinians' friends, the loss of potential allies. Worst still is the on-going short-sightedness and incompetence of some Palestinian leaders, and, above all their ongoing lack of seriousness in handling the whole Palestinian Question and safeguarding the immediate vital interests of the Palestinian people.

1949 - Palestinian Refugees tents in the Jordanian desert
In 1948 the people of Palestine turned from a peaceful nation
into refugees in a geographic and psychological desert
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